LeaderStep 7 Program

by Statarius

The LeaderStep7 Program® is a structured 8 month program built on 7 foundational stages that address various parts of the development process.

The LeaderStep7 Phases

Our LeaderStep7 Program follows these 7 Stages. Some stages move quicker then others, but, when each is intentionally designed to compliment one another to help you build the foundations you need to develop as a leader.

We begin the process with the selection of high potential leadership candidates.

We utilize recognized personal assessments like Emotional Intelligence, Judgment Index, Strengths, Personality Profile, Communications Styles, 360 Feedback

8 Months focused on the 7 Steps of Intentional Leadership culminating in Step 7

Monthly meetings with a personal leadership coach ensure progress is made with each participant. An external voice for each person’s development, coupled with accountability for completion of commitments, is paramount to leader development success.

A mentoring component that is individualized by job responsibilities is identified and formulated with a specific fit to your individual needs.

There will be monthly themes and assignments given to apply new leadership behaviors on the job AND at home.

You will walk this part of the journey in teams of 3-4 participants who are formed to work together through this process.

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