The LeaderStep7 Program

Making Good Bosses Into Great Leaders

The fact that you are here says something about yourself.  Many “leaders” simply assume they are as competent in leading and developing people as they will ever, but the fact that you have come here looking for something more speaks to your desire to know and be more.  Welcome to Statarius Leadership Development and we are glad your stopped by.

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Executive Coaching

If you are going to invest in a SINGLE activity to improve one’s leadership effective – choose COACHING!

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If you want to assess how training might impact your teamwork and leadership effectiveness – choose a WORKSHOP.

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Public Speaking

If you need a keynote on leadership to remind your team what it means to lead with compassionate accountability – choose Public Speaking.

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“A CEO’s Journey: The 7 Steps of Intentional Leadership”

“Great Scott!” said Doc in Back to the Future when he would experience a Eureka moment of clarity. My goal in this book is to tell a story that will remind you of some of the “Great Scott!” moments in your career or start you on a path of discovery to becoming a great leader. We all have the ability to demonstrate great leadership, given the right time, the right situation, or the right people—if we are prepared.

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Build Your Mission Statement Today!

This Document will help you walk-thru the process of developing your mission statement.  We will introduce questions and ideas that will help you engage with your values to arrive at a succinct and meaningful mission statement.

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Mission Statement Builder

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