Dina Maloney


Dina Maloney has been assisting individuals, teams, companies, and clients to achieve personal and organizational success for more than 20 years. Her ability to lead others to peak performance, implement innovative methods and solutions, facilitate engaging, interactive workshops and serve as a catalyst of change have contributed to her solid reputation as a successful leader, mentor, coach, innovator and teacher.

As a Public Relations and Communication professional Dina formed a solid foundation of valuable skills; the ability to create and market a “brand”, the aptitude to motivate and influence others, the competence to thrive in a fast-paced, constantly changing, and high demand environment, and the skills to help her clients and employers improve their internal and external communication.

As a college instructor Dina conquered the challenge of motivating students to want to learn through an innate ability to connect with others. By making the course content relevant to their lives, Dina demonstrated her willingness to learn and understand who they were, which is key to influencing others. She developed innovative and interactive lessons that aligned course material to what was important to them, their beliefs and their life experiences and then utilized solid presentation skills to engage them in the process.

As a college Department Chair, Dina was committed to motivating others to explore, stretch, listen and see beyond the walls that confined them. She grew a department from 9 to 60 faculty members, which included the creation of numerous leadership roles that were necessary for organizational effectiveness as well as talent development. She researched, designed and managed a Fine Arts degree program, providing students with an opportunity to follow their life passion. Most importantly, Dina served as mentor and coach to numerous students, empowering them to take their intended life paths.

As a founding committee member of a comprehensive Leadership Development Program, Dina contributed to the design and development of the program aimed at developing organizational talent and providing employees an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Her individual contributions included program and curriculum design, alignment to the institutional initiatives and the creation and facilitation of several workshops that focused on communication skill development, personality assessment and emotional intelligence.

Over the course of her comprehensive career, Dina has learned that the key to leading, inspiring and influencing others is to know your audience; who they are, what they need and what motivates them. She firmly believes that leadership is a responsibility, not a position. Once someone understands the difference and is willing to engage in the self-discovery process, of recognizing strengths, embracing imperfections and accepting the need for change, it is then that the ability to lead exists.

Dina earned a Master of Arts Degree in Communication Media from Barry University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Florida State University, where she majored in English and minored in Communication. She is highly skilled in administering and teaching Myers Briggs Temperament Instrument (MBTI) as well as a number of other assessment tools. She is a member of the Global and Raleigh Chapter of the International Federation of Coaches and is in the process of earning her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential.